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Delirious Miami

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In this unauthorized sequel to Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York,

the seemingly unconnected attributes of Miami are exposed and tied

together using Dali and Koolhaas’ Paranoid Critical Method of analysis.

Delirious Miami calls for a new interpretation of the modern metropolis:

one that is polycentric, leading to a completely different culture of

congestion than that which was prevalent in the 20th century.

From Henry Flagler to Hugh Ferriss to Nicolas Delgado-Alcega, a cast

of characters arises to paint a picture of this great modern metropolis.

Delirious Miami is a proactive manifesto for a city yet to be realized, a

city which arose from the water like an inverse Atlantis.

The book untangles the history of the city to find that one thing in

architecture remains constant: form follows finance. Miami, in creating

extreme, delirious financial value out of seemingly worthless land time

and time again, continuously predicts how Western Civilization evolves.

Delirious Miami asserts that