Rosie Ruiz: Shortcuts to Fame
Rosie Ruiz: Shortcuts to Fame

Rosie Ruiz: Shortcuts to Fame

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Rosie Ruiz, an administrative assistant and part-time runner, had run her first marathon, the 1979 New York City Marathon, in two hours and 56 minutes, a time that qualified her for the 1980 Boston Marathon.

The 26-year-old stunned her competitors in Boston, setting the women’s record for the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:31. She was awarded the winner’s medal and laurel wreath, but almost immediately there were suspicions that she had not actually run the race...

This book relates the nine days of investigation and doubts which took place between april 22, the day of her victory in Boston, and april 30, the day her disqualification. During these nine days we discovered the testimonies of the protagonists of the case: Rosie, runners, winners, losers, the direction of the marathon and family. This story was a big buzz in the media. The reader gradually discovers all the elements of the story, like an inspector interviewing witnesses. Step by step, links and evidences are made and after 9 days of investigation the reader can determine whether yes or no Rosie Ruiz cheated during these two marathons.

- Softcover

- 22.5 x 15 cm

- 235 pages